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Project Coordination & Document Control

Keeping you down the critical path

Delegate tasks to a dedicated project coordinator who understands PMI terminology & best practice.

Project Coordination

Focus on what matters and delegate the rest

Optimize your time by leveraging a dedicated coordinator who speaks your industry language and understands the importance of attention to detail.

Document Management

Avoid referencing outdated documents

Gain confidence in your document’s integrity with version control and managed archiving. Quickly access and view your documents from one repository.

Managed Approval Routings

Reduce authorization bottlenecks and take action

Minimize the time it takes for your documents to be authorized. Reminders and frequent communication provides you up-to-date status on your pending approval queue.

Vendor Communication & Setup

Tap into your contractor’s data and knowledge

Adopt your contractor’s awareness with accruals and project updates. Order from your vendors knowing an MSA, W9, & COI is on file.