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Analytics & Reporting

Keeping you down the critical path

Gain access to a pool of FP&A and Business Intelligence skills so you can report on your data with confidence.

Cash Forecast Support

Avoid unexpected capital calls

Avoid surprise capital calls and keep your board updated on future cash needs with a cash forecast report. Leverage our FP&A skills and build a report that fits your needs.

Earned Value Dashboard

Track your project’s metrics

Quickly view your project’s SPI, CPI, EAC & % Complete with an Earned Value Dashboard. Empower your project managers through data.

Portfolio Health Matrix

Quit guessing your portfolio’s status

React to changes in your project’s health with a matrix view of your entire portfolio. Manage your project smarter and avoid guessing.

Work Package & Cost Code Analysis

View trends at the lowest grain

Go granular and zone in on data points of your interest. Request an ad-hoc analysis of a specific work package or cost code.